Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time for Freezer Clearouts

I came home from my weekly shopping trip earlier this week pleased with the great deals I'd found. Eggs were $1 per dozen and chicken thighs and legs were $1 per pound. I stocked up and even thought I might go back and get some more for future meals.

My spirits dropped somewhat when I realized my freezer was full! Stuffed to the brim. If I'd even tried to stick in one more thing -- BOOM! So this week I decided my main goals needs to be clearing it out. I want my freezer to work for me, not against me. And if I can't even stick in one small package of chicken, something's not working.

Plus, since I'd been filling the freezer willy-nilly without a plan, I had no clue what was in there or how to find anything I was looking for in there. So my meal plan this week (after Easter at the in-laws) needs to revolve around the contents of my freezer.

Once we've cleared out a bit of space in there, I can tackle organizing what's in there so things are easy to find and reach when I need them. I might even work on a freezer inventory for easier planning. But that's always seem a bit more organized than I've been able to handle... we'll see if I can keep up with it.

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