Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Freezer Clearout - Day One

Our first meal from the freezer was ravioli. I had 2 kinds in there - seafood and chicken. G decided the chicken sounded better to him, so they were unearthed from 'the beast'. I also noticed a package of garlic toast in there that must have been on special since I don't usually buy it. A can of sauce from my pantry and we had a nice dinner.

Another thing I noticed while digging out the ravioli was a package of Gardenburgers. No one really likes them but me, so I decided to take them in my lunch this week. On an english muffin bun, it's a tasty and healthy meal (and low points -- I do Weight Watchers)

I need to paln another excavation to figure out the next few days. Don't worry -- I'll tie a rope around my waist so I don't get lost! lol

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Allergy Meds + Coffee = Indigestion + Insomnia

Yesterday I spent time in my old building, working on some things for my boss. I left my old job in that building because I hated it and felt crummy all the time. Now I realize it might have just been the building. Every time I spend a day over there working, I have an allergy attack. Mold, possibly?

Tonight my allergy pill and decongestant are wreaking havoc with my tummy. Normally I only feel this bad when I eat red onions. That's part of the reason I can't sleep.

And before anyone says it's because I drank half a pot of coffee over the last 2 hours, coffee usually doesn't keep me up. In fact, it usually puts me rather solidly out. Much like how giving amphetamines to ADD folks makes them flow down and concentrate. Does that mean I have ADD? Dunno. Never checked. I am quite easily dis...(Ooh look! Something shiny!!)

Where was I? Oh yeah. I'm up and I feel crummy.

Might as well go watch informercials... Has anyone tried bumpits?

Time for Freezer Clearouts

I came home from my weekly shopping trip earlier this week pleased with the great deals I'd found. Eggs were $1 per dozen and chicken thighs and legs were $1 per pound. I stocked up and even thought I might go back and get some more for future meals.

My spirits dropped somewhat when I realized my freezer was full! Stuffed to the brim. If I'd even tried to stick in one more thing -- BOOM! So this week I decided my main goals needs to be clearing it out. I want my freezer to work for me, not against me. And if I can't even stick in one small package of chicken, something's not working.

Plus, since I'd been filling the freezer willy-nilly without a plan, I had no clue what was in there or how to find anything I was looking for in there. So my meal plan this week (after Easter at the in-laws) needs to revolve around the contents of my freezer.

Once we've cleared out a bit of space in there, I can tackle organizing what's in there so things are easy to find and reach when I need them. I might even work on a freezer inventory for easier planning. But that's always seem a bit more organized than I've been able to handle... we'll see if I can keep up with it.