Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Freezer Clearout - Day One

Our first meal from the freezer was ravioli. I had 2 kinds in there - seafood and chicken. G decided the chicken sounded better to him, so they were unearthed from 'the beast'. I also noticed a package of garlic toast in there that must have been on special since I don't usually buy it. A can of sauce from my pantry and we had a nice dinner.

Another thing I noticed while digging out the ravioli was a package of Gardenburgers. No one really likes them but me, so I decided to take them in my lunch this week. On an english muffin bun, it's a tasty and healthy meal (and low points -- I do Weight Watchers)

I need to paln another excavation to figure out the next few days. Don't worry -- I'll tie a rope around my waist so I don't get lost! lol

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